HP 代用墨盒 HP 代用墨水 HP原廠墨盒
HP - 墨盒型號

No.02 Bk (C8721WN)
No.02 C (C8771WN)
No.02 M (C8772WN)
No.02 Y (C8773WN)
No.02 LC (C8774WN)
No.02 LM (C8775WN)

No.10 Bk (C4844A)
No.11 C (C4836AN)
No.11 M (C4837AN)
No.11 Y (C4838AN)

No.15 (C6615D)
No.17 (C6625D)
No.18 BK (C4936A)
No.18 C (C4937A)
No.18 M (C4938A)
No.18 Y (C4939A)

No.20 (C6614D)
No.21XL (C9351A)(加大)
No.22XL (C9352A)(加大)
No.23 (C1823A/D)
No.25 (51625A)
No.26 (51626A)

No.27 (C8727AN)
No.28 (C8728AN)
No.45 (51645A)
No.49 (51649A)

No.56 (C6656AN)
No.57 (C6657AN)
No.58 (C6658AN)
No.59 PhotoGrey (C9359AA)
No.60 BK (CC640WN)
No.60 Color (CC644WN)
No.60XL BK (CC643WN)(加大)
No.60XL Color (CC644WN)(加大)
No.61 BK (CH561WA)
No.61 Color (CH562WA)
No.61XL BK (CH563WA)(加大)
No.61XL Color (CH564WA)(加大)
No.63XL BK (加大)
No.63XL Color (加大)
No.65XL BK (加大)
No.65XL Color (加大)
No.74 (CB335W)
No.74XL (CB336W)
No.75 (CB337W)
No.75XL (CB338W)
No.78 (6578D)
No.88XL BK (C9396A)
No.88XL C (C9391A)
No.88XL M (C9392A)
No.88XL Y (C9393A)
No.92 BK (C9362WN)
No.93 Color (C9361WN)

No.94 BK (C8765WN)
No.95 Color (C8766WN)
No.96 BK (C8767WN)
No.97 Color (C9363WN)
No.98 BK (C9364WN)
No.99 Color (C9369W)
No.100 Photo (C9368AA)
No.564XL BK (CB321WA)(加大)
No.564XL C (CB323WA)(加大)
No.564XL M (CB324WA)(加大)
No.564XL Y (CB325WA)(加大)
No.564XL Photo BK (CB322WA)(加大)
No.702 Black (CC660AA)
No.901 BK (CC653AA)
No.901 Color (CC656AA)
No.901XL BK (CC654AA)(加大)
No.901XL C (CC656AA)(加大)
No.905XL BK (加大)
No.905XL C (加大)
No.905XL M (加大)
No.905XL Y (加大)
No.920XL BK (CD975AA)(加大)
No.920XL C (CD972AA)(加大)
No.920XL M (CD973AA)(加大)
No.920XL Y (CD974AA)(加大)

No.932XL BK (加大)
No.933XL C (加大)
No.933XL M (加大)
No.933XL Y (加大)
No.934XL BK (加大)
No.935XL C (加大)
No.935XL M (加大)
No.935XL Y (加大)
No.940 BK (C4902AA)
No.940XL BK (C4906AA)(加大)
No.940XL C (C4907AA)(加大)
No.940XL M (C4908AA)(加大)
No.940XL Y (C4909AA)(加大)
No.950XL BK (加大)
No.951XL C (加大)
No.951XL M (加大)
No.951XL Y (加大)
No.955XL BK (加大)
No.955XL C (加大)
No.955XL M (加大)
No.955XL Y (加大)
HP - 噴墨打印機

Deskjet 1000
Deskjet 1000cse
Deskjet 1000cxi
Deskjet 1000 - J110a
Deskjet 1050
Deskjet 1100c
Deskjet 1120c/cse/csi
Deskjet 1125c
Deskjet 1180c
Deskjet 1200C
Deskjet 1200PS
Deskjet 1220c
Deskjet 1408
Deskjet 1600c
Deskjet 200
Deskjet 200cci
Deskjet 2000 - J210
Deskjet 2050 All-in-One - J510a
Deskjet 2130
Deskjet 2621
Deskjet 2623

DeskJet 3000 - J310
DeskJet 3050 - J610
Deskjet 3050
DeskJet 3070A - B611
Deskjet 3325
Deskjet 3420
Deskjet 3420v
Deskjet 3425
Deskjet 3535
Deskjet 3550
Deskjet 3550w
Deskjet 3630
Deskjet 3650
Deskjet 3650v
Deskjet 3720
Deskjet 3721
Deskjet 3723
Deskjet 3724

DeskJet 3745
Deskjet 3820/c/v/w

Deskjet 3845
Deskjet 3845xi
Deskjet 3940
Deskjet 3940v
Deskjet 450

Deskjet 450cbi
Deskjet 450ci
Deskjet 450wbt
Deskjet 460
Deskjet 460c
Deskjet 460cb
Deskjet 460wbt
Deskjet 460wf
Deskjet 500
Deskjet 500c
Deskjet 500i
Deskjet 500k
Deskjet 500q
Deskjet 5160
Deskjet 5440
Deskjet 5440xi
Deskjet 550c
Deskjet 5550
Deskjet 5550v
Deskjet 5550w
Deskjet 5652
Deskjet 5740
Deskjet 5740xi
Deskjet 600
Deskjet 600c
Deskjet 600k
Deskjet 610C
Deskjet 6122
Deskjet 640c
Deskjet 648c
Deskjet 650c
Deskjet 6540
Deskjet 6540dt
Deskjet 6540xi
Deskjet 656C
Deskjet 656c
Deskjet 656cvr
Deskjet 660c
Deskjet 660cse
Deskjet 660k
Deskjet 680c
Deskjet 6840
Deskjet 920c
Deskjet 920cvr
Deskjet 920cw
Deskjet 920cxi
Deskjet 9300
Deskjet 930c
Deskjet 940c
Deskjet 940cvr
Deskjet 940cw
Deskjet 940cxi
Deskjet 948c
Deskjet 950c
Deskjet 6840dt
Deskjet 6840xi
Deskjet 710c
Deskjet 720
Deskjet 720c
Deskjet 810c
Deskjet 815c
Deskjet 820cse
Deskjet 820cxi
Deskjet 830c
Deskjet 840c
Deskjet 840c
Deskjet 845c
Deskjet 845c
Deskjet 845cse
Deskjet 845cvr
Deskjet 845cxi
Deskjet 850
Deskjet 870cse
Deskjet 870cxi
Deskjet 880c
Deskjet 890c
Deskjet 890cm
Deskjet 890cxi
Deskjet 895cse
Deskjet 895cxi
Deskjet 960cse
Deskjet 960cxi
Deskjet 9650
Deskjet 9680
Deskjet 970c
Deskjet 970cxi
Deskjet 9800
Deskjet 9800d
Deskjet 980c
Deskjet 980cxi
Deskjet 9860
Deskjet 990c
Deskjet 990cm
Deskjet 990cse
Deskjet 990cxi
Deskjet D1460
Deskjet D1560
DeskJet D1660
Deskjet D2460
Deskjet D4260
Deskjet D4360
Deskjet F2120
Deskjet F2180
Deskjet F2410
Deskjet F2480
Deskjet F370
Deskjet F380
Deskjet F4185
Deskjet F4280
Deskjet F4280
Deskjet F4480
HP Deskjet 1050 - J410
ENVY 100 - D410

Officejet 1315
Officejet 3830
Officejet 4110
Officejet 4110v
Officejet 4110xi
Officejet 4255
Officejet 4355
Officejet 4500 AIO G510h
Officejet 4500 Desktop G510b
Officejet 4650
Officejet 5110
Officejet 5110v
Officejet 5110xi
Officejet 5220
Officejet 5510
Officejet 5510v

Officejet 5510xi
Officejet 5610
Officejet 5610v
Officejet 5610xi
Officejet 600
Officejet 6000 - E609
Officejet 6100
Officejet 6110
Officejet 6110v
Officejet 6110xi
Officejet 6210
Officejet 6210v
Officejet 6210xi
Officejet 6300
Officejet 6310
Officejet 6310v
Officejet 6310xi
Officejet 6500
Officejet 6500 WiFi
Officejet 6500A
OfficeJet 6500A Plus
Officejet 6500 - E709
Officejet 6500 - E710
Officejet 6600
Officejet 6700 premium eAIO

Officejet 7000 A3+
Officejet 7000 - E809
Officejet 7110
Officejet 7210
Officejet 7210v
Officejet 7210xi
Officejet 725
Officejet 7410
Officejet 7500A - E910
Officejet g55
Officejet g55xi
Officejet H470
Officejet H470b
Officejet J4580
Officejet J5780
Officejet J6480
Officejet J6488
Officejet K7100
Officejet L7380
Officejet Pro 7500A A3+
Officejet R45
Officejet T45
Officejet v40
Officejet v40xi
ENVY 4520      
Officejet Pro
Officejet Pro 1150c
Officejet Pro 1150cse
Officejet Pro 1170c
Officejet Pro 1170cse
Officejet Pro 1170cxi
Officejet Pro 1175c
Officejet Pro 1175cse
Officejet Pro 1175cxi
Officejet Pro 251dw
Officejet Pro 276dw
Officejet Pro 6230
Officejet Pro 6830
Officejet Pro 6960
Officejet Pro 6970
Officejet Pro 7720
Officejet Pro 7740
Officejet Pro 8100
Officejet Pro 8210
Officejet Pro 8600 Plus
Officejet Pro 8710
Officejet Pro 8720
Officejet Pro 8730
Officejet Pro K5300
Officejet Pro K5400
Officejet Pro K5400dn
Officejet Pro K5400n

Officejet Pro K5400tn
Officejet Pro K550
Officejet Pro K550dtn
Officejet Pro K550dtwn
Officejet Pro K8600

Officejet Pro K8600dn
Officejet Pro L7380
Officejet Pro L7580
Officejet Pro L7590
Photosmart 100
Photosmart 1215
Photosmart 1215vm
Photosmart 1218
Photosmart 1218xi
Photosmart 130
Photosmart 130v
Photosmart 130w
Photosmart 145
Photosmart 145v
Photosmart 145xi
Photosmart 230
Photosmart 230v
Photosmart 230w
Photosmart 230xi
Photosmart 245
Photosmart 245v
Photosmart 245xi
Photosmart 2575
Photosmart 2575v
Photosmart 2575xi
Photosmart 2610
Photosmart 2610v
Photosmart 2610xi
Photosmart 2710
Photosmart 2710v
Photosmart 2710xi
Photosmart 3110
Photosmart 3110v
Photosmart 3110xi
Photosmart 3180
Photosmart 325
Photosmart 325v
Photosmart 325xi
Photosmart 3310
Photosmart 3310xi
Photosmart 335
Photosmart 335v
Photosmart 335xi
Photosmart 375
Photosmart 375b
Photosmart 375v
Photosmart 375xi
Photosmart 385
Photosmart 385v
Photosmart 385xi
Photosmart 425
Photosmart 425v
Photosmart 428
Photosmart 428v
Photosmart 428xi
Photosmart 475
Photosmart 475xi
Photosmart 5510 - B111
Photosmart 7150
Photosmart 7260
Photosmart 7260v
Photosmart 7260w
Photosmart 7450
Photosmart 7450w
Photosmart 7450xi
Photosmart 7550
Photosmart 7660
Photosmart 7660v
Photosmart 7660w
Photosmart 7760
Photosmart 7760v
Photosmart 7760w
Photosmart 7830
Photosmart 7960
Photosmart 7960v
Photosmart 7960w
Photosmart 8030
Photosmart 8150
Photosmart 8150v
Photosmart 8150w
Photosmart 8150xi
Photosmart 8230
Photosmart 8450v
Photosmart 8450w
Photosmart 8750
Photosmart 8750xi
Photosmart B109a
Photosmart B110a Wifi eAIO
Photosmart B8330
Photosmart C3180
Photosmart C4180
Photosmart C4280
Photosmart C4345
Photosmart C5280
Photosmart C5380
Photosmart C6380
Photosmart D5460
Photosmart D6160
Photosmart D7160
Photosmart D7360
Photosmart D7460
Photosmart P1000
Photosmart Plus B209A AIO
Photosmart Plus B210A AIO
Photosmart Premium FAX AIO C309a
Photosmart Premium AIO C309g
Photosmart Premium C309
Photosmart Premium C310
Photosmart Premium C410a eAIO
PSC 2110
PSC 2110v
PSC 2110xi
PSC 2210
PSC 2210v
PSC 2210xi
PSC 2310
PSC 2355
PSC 2355p
PSC 2355v
PSC 2355xi
PSC 2410
PSC 2510
PSC 500
PSC 720
PSC 750
PSC 950
PSC 950c
PSC 950xi


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