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Epson - 墨盒型號

C13S020118 Black
C13S020122 Yellow
C13S020126 Magenta
C13S020130 Cyan
C13T001131 (T001) Color
C13T003132 (T003) Black
C13T005131 (T005) Color
C13T007131 (T007) Black
C13T008131 (T008) Color
C13T009131 (T009) Color
C13T013132 (T013) Black
C13T014131 (T014) Color
C13T017131 (T017) Black
C13T018131 (T018) Color
C13T026131 (T026) Black
C13T027133 (T027) Color
C13T028131 (T028) Black
C13T029131 (T029) Color
C13T032180 (T0321) Black

C13T032280 (T0322) Cyan
C13T032380 (T0323) Magenta
C13T032480 (T0324) Yellow
C13T034180 Photo Black
C13T034280 Cyan
C13T034380 Magenta
C13T034480 Yellow
C13T034580 Light Cyan
C13T034680 Light Magenta
C13T034780 Light Black
C13T034880 Matte Black
C13T038181 (T038) Black
C13T039080 (T039) Color

C13T042280 (T0422) Cyan
C13T042380 (T0423) Magenta
C13T042480 (T0424) Yellow
C13T046180 (T0461) Black
C13T047280 (T0472) Cyan
C13T047380 (T0473) Magenta
C13T047480 (T0474) Yellow
C13T049180 (T0491) Black
C13T049280 (T0492) Cyan
C13T049380 (T0493) Magenta
C13T049480 (T0494) Yellow
C13T049580 (T0495) Light Cyan
C13T049680 (T0496) Light Magenta
C13T050180 (T050) Black
C13T051180 (T051) Black
C13T052080 (T052) Color
C13T053080 (T053) Color
C13T054080 (Gloss Optimizer)
C13T054180 Photo Black
C13T054280 Cyan
C13T054380 Magenta
C13T054480 Yellow
C13T054780 Red
C13T054880 Matte Black
C13T054980 Blue
C13T056180 (T0561) Black
C13T056280 (T0562) Cyan
C13T056380 (T0563) Magenta
C13T056480 (T0564) Yellow
C13T059180 (T0591) Photo Black
C13T059280 (T0592) Cyan
C13T059380 (T0593) Magenta

C13T059480 (T0594) Yellow
C13T059580 (T0595) Light Cyan
C13T059680 (T0596) Light Magenta
C13T059780 (T0597) Light Black
C13T059880 (T0598) Matte Black
C13T059980 (T0599) Light Light Black
C13T062180 (T0621) Black
C13T063180 (T0631) Black
C13T063280 (T0632) Cyan
C13T063380 (T0633) Magenta
C13T063480 (T0634) Yellow
C13T087080 Gloss Optimizer
C13T087180 Photo Black
C13T087280 Cyan
C13T087380 Magenta
C13T087480 Yellow
C13T087780 Red
C13T087880 Matte Black
C13T087980 Orange
C13T103181 (T1031) Black
C13T103281 (T1032) Cyan
C13T103381 (T1033) Magenta
C13T103481 (T1034) Yellow
C13T104180 (T1041) Black
C13T105180 (T0731)(73N) Black
C13T105280 (T0732)(73N) Cyan
C13T105380 (T0733)(73N) Magenta
C13T105480 (T0734)(73N) Yellow
C13T109183 (T1091) Black
C13T109283 (T1092) Cyan
C13T109383 (T1093) Magenta
C13T109483 (T1094) Yellow

C13T112180 (T1121) Black
C13T112280 (T1122) Cyan
C13T112380 (T1123) Magenta
C13T112480 (T1124) Yellow
C13T112580 (T1125) Light Cyan
C13T112680 (T1126) Light Magenta
C13T122180 Black
C13T122280 Cyan
C13T122380 Magenta
C13T122480 Yellow
C13T122580 LIght Cyan
C13T122680 Light Magenta
C13T141183 (T1411) Black
C13T141283 (T1412) Cyan
C13T141383 (T1413) Magenta
C13T141483 (T1414) Yellow
(T1771) Black
(T1772) Cyan
(T1773) Magenta
(T1774) Yellow
(T1881) Black
(T1882) Cyan
(T1883) Magenta
(T1884) Yellow
(T1931) Black
(T1932) Cyan
(T1933) Magenta
(T1934) Yellow
(T3641) Black
(T3642) Cyan
(T3643) Magenta
(T3644) Yellow
C13T617100 (T6171) Black
C13T617200 (T6172) Cyan
C13T617300 (T6172) Magenta
C13T617400 (T6173) Yellow
C13T618100 (T6181) Black
C13T619000 (T6190) Maintenance Box
Canon - 噴墨打印機
Stylus C20
Stylus C20sx
Stylus C20ux
Stylus C40
Stylus C40s
Stylus C40ux
Stylus C41PLUS
Stylus C41SX
Stylus C41UX
Stylus C43UX
Stylus C45
Stylus C50
Stylus C60
Stylus C61
Stylus C63
Stylus C65
Stylus C67
Stylus C79
Stylus C80
Stylus C80N
Stylus C80WN
Stylus C90
Stylus Color 480sx
Stylus CX1500
Stylus CX1500V
Stylus CX3100
Stylus CX3500
Stylus CX3700
Stylus CX3900
Stylus CX4100
Stylus CX4700
Stylus CX5100
Stylus CX5500
Stylus CX5900
Stylus CX6900F
Stylus CX8300
Stylus CX9300F
Stylus R270
Stylus R290
Stylus R390
Stylus RX590
Stylus RX610
Stylus Office T1100

Stylus Office T40W
Stylus Office TX300F
Stylus Office TX550FW
Stylus Office TX600FW
Stylus T20
Stylus T22E
Stylus TX100
Stylus TX110
Stylus TX400
Stylus TX550W
Stylus TX800FW
Stylus Color 1160
Stylus Color 1520
Stylus Color 300
Stylus Color 440
Stylus Color 460
Stylus Color 480
Stylus Color 480sxu
Stylus Color 580
Stylus Color 640
Stylus Color 660
Stylus Color 670
Stylus Color 680
Stylus Color 680T
Stylus Color 900
Stylus Color 900g
Stylus Color 900n
Stylus Photo 1900
Stylus Photo 1200
Stylus Photo 1270
Stylus Photo 1290
Stylus Photo 1290SM
Stylus Photo 1390
Stylus Photo 2100
Stylus Photo 700
Stylus Photo 710
Stylus Photo 720
Stylus Photo 750
Stylus Photo 790
Stylus Photo 810
Stylus Photo 830
Stylus Photo 830U
Stylus Photo 870
Stylus Photo 875dc
Stylus Photo 875dcs
Stylus Photo 895
Stylus Photo 900
Stylus Photo 915
Stylus Photo 925
Stylus Photo 935
Stylus Photo EX2
Stylus Photo R210
Stylus Photo R230
Stylus Photo R2400
Stylus Photo R310
Stylus Photo R350
Stylus Photo R800
Stylus Photo RX430
Stylus Photo RX510
Stylus Photo RX530
Stylus Photo RX630
Stylus Photo RX650
Workforce WF-2521
Workforce WF-2531
Workforce WF-2541
Workforce WF-2631
Workforce WF-2551
Workforce WF-2661
Workforce WF-3621
Workforce WF-7621    
Expression Home
Expression Home XP-102
Expression Home XP-202
Expression Home XP-225
Expression Home XP-245
Expression Home XP-402
Expression Home XP-422
Expression Home XP-442  
ME Office
ME Office 510
ME Office 520
ME Office 650FN
ME Office 900WD
ME 330

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